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STUV Fenders simplicity and varied applicability makes it consistently popular in use for wharves, piers and jetties. It has encapsulated steel mounting plate inside the homogenized base flanges that gives additional stability even on very heavy impacts. It is available in many sizes from 150mm to 1000mm height and in lengths of 500mm to 3800mm including wharf corner protection. We can also make non-standard lengths and special requirements to suit client’s requirements.

STUV-PE 300H x 3000L fenders at Marine Police - Malaysia.Prince Torki Marina in Jeddah, Grey STUV 250H x 2500L @ Saudi ArabiaSTUV 400H x 3200L as installed in Langkawi Jabatan Laut (Coast Guard) Jetty.Jabatan Laut (Coast Guard) Tg. Pelepas.STUV-PE 600H x 3000L fenders at MMHE Quay #6 - barge loading dock to deploy OilTypical side fender using STUV 300H @ Redang Island. MalaysiaSTUV 400H x 3800L @Tanjung Pengelih Passenger Jetty, MalaysiaPort Klang- Jabatan Laut (Coast Guard), STUV CORNER FENDER for all corner edge protections.STUV 300H CORNER fender protects a corner column of a pier in Kapar Power Station,at Kapar, Malaysia.Port Klang- Jabatan Laut (Coast Guard), STUV CORNER FENDER for all corner edge protections.STUV Chennai, IndiaSTUV @ Ports in Malaysia

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MSL Rubber was founded based on the principle of continuing innovative and value for customer in these industry with experience and experties that has build a company which provides a single source of advice to all your technical rubber solutions. This vision was maintained for over the past 20 years of successfull acknowledgement from many clients that has made our success possible. 

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