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PNEUMATIC FENDERS are ideal for both permanent and semi-permanent port applications and mobile fenders having solid faced quay structure or suitable structure frame. It is easy to install and thus can be deployed quickly. It is available in a range of diameters and pressure ratings to meet the required energy. Deflatable for easy storage, popular usaged at Ship to Ship (STS), Container Vessel Berth, Marine and Coast Guard Petrol Vessels, Luxury Yacht, Temporary Fenders and more.

Pneumatic fenders from 0.2m to 1.0m in Dia. x 3.5m lengths for Small and Large size Pneumatic fenders used on Luxury yacht and TankersMarine & Coast Guard, Small and mild size Pneumatic fenders for pilot & yachtExtensive factory testing of strenght and reliabilityPNU fenders 1.1m x 2.0m lengthRoyal Malaysian navy @ TLDM Purarek Pnu 1.7m Dia x 3.0m LMMHE, Malaysia Temporary PNU fenders Installation 1 meter Dia. x 2 meter L

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MSL Rubber was founded based on the principle of continuing innovative and value for customer in these industry with experience and experties that has build a company which provides a single source of advice to all your technical rubber solutions. This vision was maintained for over the past 20 years of successfull acknowledgement from many clients that has made our success possible. 

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